KET Reading and Writing Part 4

Read the article about Andreas Van den Berg.
For question 1 - 7, click the correct letter A, B or C.
  • Dutch Forger May Go To Prison
  • German police have just arrested Dutch artist Andreas Van den Berg in Hamburg for forgery. Yesterday he sold a Rembrandt copy to a Berlin art dealer for 4,3 million euros. Van den Berg is Dutch but was born in Hamburg and has lived there all his life. His father was the famous painter Lucas Van den Berg, and his son has learnt a lot from him. He has been an outstanding painter for many years and could copy different styles of paintings since he was twelve years old; he could do everything from Rembrandt to Andy Warhol. Three years ago Hermann Schneider saw Van der Berg in a Hamburg bar. 'It was very strange, he didn't know any of the customers in the bar but he bought lunch for everybody.' I really couldn't understand it – he was only seventeen and he had a lot of money. I've been very interested in Andreas Van den Berg since that day.' A week ago Van den Berg went to an art gallery with a Rembrandt painting. Schneider followed him and waited for a quarter of an hour. Then Van den Berg left with a big suitcase and ran quickly into a bus station. The owner of the gallery told Schneider that the painting was just a cheap imitation. Schneider arrested Van den Berg at his office a few hours later. Van den Berg was only arrested yesterday, but his wife has already spoken to Die Welt.
  • 1) Andreas Van den Berg is German.
  • 2) Van den Berg's mother was an artist.
  • 3) Van den Berg could copy different painting styles.
  • 4) Van den Berg bought dinner for all of the customers.
  • 5) When Van den Berg was seventeen he was very poor.
  • 6) Schneider waited for fifteen minutes for Van den Berg.
  • 7) Van den Berg' wife was an art dealer.