KET Reading and Writing Part 4

Read the article about child labour.
For question 1 - 7, click the correct letter A, B or C.
  • You don't need to be an adult to help others. In November 1999, when she was just thirteen years old, Rosie Williams was looking for the sports section in the newspaper. A story about a girl by the name of Armineh Ghafoor caught her eye. Armineh Ghafoor, who lived in Afghanistan, had been forced to work long days in a carpet factory. She had worked fourteen hours a day, seven days a week from the time she was six years old until she escaped. Her job was to tie small knots in the carpets. The article shocked Rosie. Armineh Ghafoor was the same age as Rosie. Rosie just couldn't imagine what it was like to work all day seven days a week and never have a chance to attend school or play. Rosie tore the article out of the newspaper and put it in her rucksack. But she couldn't get Armineh Ghafoor out of her mind. Riding the bus to school, she took the article out of her rucksack and read it again and again. After school, she went to the local library and got as much information as she could find on child labour and exploitation. The next morning, with the teacher's permission, she told the class about Armineh Ghafoor and about the thousands of children who were forced to work in plantations, mines and factories.
  • 1) You don't have to be old to help others.
  • 2) Rosie bought the newspaper in a sports shop.
  • 3) Armineh Ghafoor lived in Pakistan.
  • 4) Rosie was older than Armineh.
  • 5) Rosie never had a chance to attend school.
  • 6) Rosie went to the library because she liked books.
  • 7) Rosie's teacher was very patient with her students.