KET Reading and Writing Part 4

Read the article about Valetine's Day.
For question 1 - 7, click the correct letter A, B or C.
  • Those who enjoy Valentine's Day may have wonderful memories of this day from elementary school. In elementary school, if you behave well you might get to make a Valentine's Day mailbox. Then you can decorate it by colouring it read or pink. Next, you can glue on hearts, cupids, rainbows or flowers. When the day arrives, the teacher lets you run around filling every mailbox with cards. Most children give one card to every student and one for the teacher. Sometimes their parents make them write cards to the nerdy or annoying kids. The most popular cards are pre-packaged. The characters from Disney movies are most popular, so are sports designs and characters from cartoons or TV shows, like Power Rangers or the Simpsons. As a teenager, finding a date for the Valentine's Day dance is very important. At this crucial stage in growing up, being seen with a cool person is essential. If everyone turns you down for the dance, feelings of hatred for the holiday may ignite early in life. In high school, nobody makes mailboxes any longer, but some people still send cards. You might find a card in your locker, unsigned or with the words "From your secret admirer." This sparks mystery and intrigue. The next decision is – What to do? Should you find out who sent it or keep it a secret???
  • 1) Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14.
  • 2) Valentine's Day mailboxes are often red and pink.
  • 3) All children have to give a Valentine to everyone.
  • 4) Many of the Valentine's cards comes in packs.
  • 5) The characters from Dinsey aren't very popular.
  • 6) Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world.
  • 7) In high school nobody likes Valentine's Day.