KET Reading and Writing Part 7

Complete the letter from Anne to her grandfather .
Write ONE word for each space. ANSWERS

Dear grandpa,
How (1) ... you doing? I hope you're well. I'm fine. Thanks (2) ... the rucksack. It's really great. I've got all my books and things in it now.

Our new house is beautiful (3) ... there aren't many shops around here. There's only a restaurant and a library but there are a (4) ... of shops and cafes in the centre of Blackpool. My cousin Gina and I sometimes go there on Sunday morning and (5) ... the evening we often go (6) ... Little Marton. You mustn't play football in the street because (7) ... isn't safe. Sadie loves it here in Blackpool (8) ... there's a lot of open space everywhere.

I must finish now. There isn't much time (9) ... dinner and I've (10) ... a lot of homework.
Love from