PET Reading Part 5


Read the text below and choose the correct word (A, B, C or D) for each space.

London Parks

London is famous (1) ... its parks and gardens. Some of them belong to the Crown but they are all open to the public and the entrance is free of charge. In St James's Park you can watch and (2) ... swans, ducks, geese and other water birds. Hyde Park (3) ... to be a hunting ground and is still popular with horse riders.

Those who like a good argument should go to the Speakers' Corner to listen to individuals (4) ... their speeches on various subjects. Regent's Park now houses London Zoo and open-air theatre where Shakespeare's plays are staged in summer. Not (5) ... the parks are in the city centre. Greenwich and Richmond are located in the suburbs. All these areas of green give the city dwellers an excellent (6) ... to enjoy some peace and quiet away from traffic and crowded streets.

  1. A) by B) for C) from D) with
  2. A) feed B) eat C) breed D) lead
  3. A) should B) ought C) used D) have
  4. A) doing B) giving C) taking D) talking
  5. A) each B) whole C) every D) all
  6. A) chance B) knowledge C) account D) source

Test Answers!



FAMOUS FOR (ADJECTIVE + PREPOSITION) => known to many people for a good or worthy reason.


FEED (IRREGULAR VERB) => to give food to a person or an animal.


USED TO (MODAL VERB) => if something used to happen, it happened regularly or all the time in the past, but does not happen now.


GIVE A SPEECH (COLLOCATION) => to speak publicly to a group of people.


ALL (DETERMINER) => every one of a number of people or things, or every thing or person of a particular type.


GIVE SB A CHANCE (COLLOCATION) => to give somebody an opportunity to do something.