PET Reading Part 5


Read the text below and choose the correct word (A, B, C or D) for each space.

Different Religions

From our earliest days, many people have believed in a power or powers greater than themselves. This belief is known as religion. In ancient times, it was a way to (1) ... sense of the mysteries of the (2) ... world; evil spirits were thought to be responsible (3) ... bad weather and disease, for instance. Ancient peoples felt that they had a measure of control over their lives when they made offerings and prayed to friendly spirits, whom they believed could help them win battles or 4) ... better crops.

Even today, when people know the scientific explanations for such things as thunder or the eruption of volcanoes, (5) ... look to religion to explain some of the other hard-to-understand things which we experience as humans – things like the purpose of life or the reasons for tragedies. Although most religions spring from the same basic human need to (6) ... in a great power or powers, the ideas, practices, and traditions that religions involve can be very different.

  1. A) make B) do C) take D) give
  2. A) customary B) essential C) typical D) natural
  3. A) of B) for C) by D) in
  4. A) breed B) gain C) rise D) grow
  5. A) many B) lots C) plenty D) much
  6. A) consider B) admit C) accept D) believe

Test Answers!



MAKE SENSE (COLLOCATION) => to be ​clear and ​easy to ​understand.


NATURAL WORLD (COLLOCATION) => the environment.


RESPONSIBLE FOR (ADJECTIVE + PREPOSITION) => having a duty to see that something is done etc.


GROW (IRREGULAR VERB) => to make plants or crops develop and produce fruit or flowers.


MANY (DETERMINER) => a large number of people or things.


BELIEVE IN (VERB + PREPOSITION) => to have faith or confidence in the existence of something.