FCE Multiple Choice Cloze


For questions 1- 8, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. EXAM DESCRIPTION

The Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands, a tiny country that only extends, at its broadest, 312 km north to south, and 264 km east to west - (1) ... the land area increases slightly each year as a (2) ... of continuous land reclamation and drainage. With a lot of heart and much to offer, 'Holland,' as it is (3) ... known to most of us abroad - a name stemming (4) ... its once most prominent provinces - has more going on per kilometre than most countries, and more English-speaking natives. You'll be impressed by its (5) ... cities and charmed by its countryside and villages, full of contrasts. From the exciting variety (6) ... offer, you could choose a romantic canal boat tour in Amsterdam, a Royal Tour by coach in The Hague, or a hydrofoil tour around the biggest harbour in the world - Rotterdam. In season you could visit the dazzling bulb fields, enjoy a full day on a boat, or take a bike tour through the pancake-flat countryside spiced with windmills. The possibilities are countless and the nationwide tourist office, which is on hand to give you information and (7) ... reservations. You'll have (8) ... language problems here, as the Dutch are true linguists and English is spoken here almost universally.

  1. A) so B) despite C) in spite of D) although
  2. A) whole B) consequently C) rule D) result
  3. A) regularly B) occasionally C) commonly D) unusually
  4. A) in B) from C) on D) of
  5. A) historic B) historical C) historically D) historian
  6. A) at B) in C) on D) for
  7. A) sit B) catch C) do D) make
  8. A) few B) a few C) little D) a little