FCE Multiple Choice Cloze


For questions 1- 8, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. EXAM DESCRIPTION

The Story of Gold

The story of gold is an adventure involving kings, queens, pirates, explorers, conquerors, and the native peoples they conquered. Throughout history, gold has woven a magic spell over those it touched. Gold is beautiful and rare; a soft shiny metal that can be moulded into many (1) ... . It has been used for money, jewellery, and to decorate special buildings such (2) ... palaces and places of worship. (3) ... the precious metal was discovered, prospectors rushed to mine it, starting new cities and countries as they went. Gold and the people who love it have helped shape the world we live (4) ... today. Gold is one of many elements, or substances that cannot be changed by normal chemical means, that are found in the Earth's crust. Gold has a warm, sunny colour and (5) ... it does not react (6) ... air, water, and most chemicals, its shine never fades. In its natural (7) ... , gold is soft and easily shaped. When heated to 1,062 Celsius it melts and can be poured into moulds to form coins, gold bars, and other objects. Stories have been told, movies (8) ... and legends born about the discovery of the world's great gold deposits. It is a saga of dreams, greed, ambition and exploration.

  1. A) formats B) outlines C) shapes D) lines
  2. A) as B) like C) many D) to
  3. A) Whoever B) However C) Forever D) Wherever
  4. A) at B) in C) for D) on
  5. A) yet B) despite C) because D) so
  6. A) with B) in C) of D) at
  7. A) estate B) stage C) state D) position
  8. A) done B) made C) composed D) built