Adjective or Adverb

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1) That old sculpture is absolute | absolutely magnificent!
2) He was seriously | serious hurt in a plane crash two years ago.
3) I always feel happy | happily when she's around.
4) Joanna's impressive | impressively stylish dress must be very expensive.
5) She plays the piano reasonable | reasonably well for her age.
6) This black tea tastes really well | good.
7) Nobody in the class speaks Spanish as fluently | fluent as Frank does.
8) He gave her a suspiciously | suspicious look.
9) Mr Nolan bought an extreme | extremely expensive car.
10) The fish smells bad | badly. You'd better throw it away.
11) Don't ask Rachel to help - she's complete | completely useless.
12) I find this book very interesting | interestingly. It was well-written.