FCE Adverb Position

Put the words in order to form a sentence. The first word of a sentence begins with a capital letter.
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Adverb Position

RULE#1 ADVERB + ONE WORD VERB (adverb goes in mid position) She usually watches TV in the evenings.
I really like my cat.
She simply did not have the time for it.
RULE#2 ADVERB + MULTI-WORD VERB (adverb goes after first verb) I can never do anything right.
John doesn't usually drink alcohol.
You have almost forgotten about it.
RULE#3 ADVERB OF CERTAINTY (adverb goes before a negative auxiliary/modal) He certainly won't win.
He will definitely not go to the party.
Carol probably doesn't know the answer.
RULE#4 ADVERB (goes after IS, AM, ARE, WAS, WERE) I'm always hungry.
Jim was usually very friendly.
They were both tired.
She is all excited.