Grammar - Causative 1

Rewrite the sentences in the Causative form. ANSWERS + EXPLANATION
1) A mechanic has already repaired their car.
They .
2) I will ask somebody to install the pipes in the kitchen.
I in the kitchen.
3) His coat is being cleaned at a specialist cleaner´s.
He at a specialist cleaner´s.
4) Somebody is going to redecorate our living room.
We .
5) Gina may ask someone to dye her hair blonde next week.
Gina blonde next week.
6) They paid someone to fix the chimney of their house last year.
They last year.
7) The gardener was pruning George's bushes.
George .
8) The woman from the local shop delivers her groceries.
She by the woman from the local shop.
9) The town hall had just been rebuilt for the council.
The council .
10) Alice should ask somebody to deliver the washing machine.
Alice .