Nouns Both Countable and Uncountable 1

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1 a) Jane gained a valuable experience | valuable experience while working on the project.
1 b) The earthquake in Haiti was a terrible experience | terrible experience.
2 a) I heard strange noise | a strange noise outside.
2 b) We have been getting complaints from the residents about a noise | noise.
3 a) There has been a great improvement | great improvement in his work.
3 b) There is still room for an improvement | improvement in our game.
4 a) We'll move the wardrobe to make room | a room for the television.
4 b) We'd like to book a double room | double room for six nights.
5 a) She has achieved a great success | great success in her career.
5 b) He's great success | a great success as a teacher.
6 a) Keith knows a lot of vocabulary in German, but he makes mistakes in grammar | a grammar.
6 b) I took small English grammar | a small English grammar with me when I went to England.