Nouns Both Countable and Uncountable 4

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1 a) Cathy is such a gossip | gossip that I'm afraid to tell her anything.
1 b) You shouldn't go around spreading a gossip | gossip about people.
2 a) Do you remember when the only place you could buy a paper | paper was your local newsagent shop?
2 b) She needs paper | a paper and a pen to write a letter.
3 a) Light | A light was still burning in the kitchen.
3 b) The windows let fresh air and light | a light into the living room.
4 a) How long has she been looking for work | a work?
4 b) She recognized the painting as an early work | early work by Claude Monet.
5 a) I'd like to propose a toast | toast to our new manager.
5 b) I usually have toast | a toast and butter for breakfast.
6 a) She doesn't have the skills necessary to run business | a business.
6 b) Brian has decided to go into business | a business with his sister.