Grammar - Ellipsis/Omission

Type in the words in these sentences that can be omitted. ANSWERS
1) Mark says he has finished, but I don’t think he has finished.
2) They went for a walk and they took some lovely photographs.
3) While I was on holiday in Italy, it rained every day.
4) I have more confidence in Mary than I have in Alice.
5) The man that my brother saw in the forest was caught by the police.
6) George can speak five languages, but Steve can speak only two languages.
7) He said he could use a computer but it was obvious that he couldn't use a computer.
8) When you are leaving the dinner table, you should ask to be excused.
9) In 2016, during a music tour, Bob and Tina were staying at the Hilton hotel.
10) The doctor advised me to take more exercise and I will take more exercise.