Expressing Future

Complete the following sentences with the present simple, present continuous, future simple, future continuous or going to forms of the verbs in bold. ANSWERS
1) I've already decided. I (not/lend) my sister any money for the new dress.
2) This time next week, we (lie) on the beach in Portugal.
3) Hurry up! I don't want to miss the match. It (start) at 5:00.
4) You’re carrying too much. I (open) the door for you.
5) On Saturday at 10 o’clock Cathy (meet) her best friend.
6) Could you meet me at the station in the morning? The train (arrive) at 9.10.
7) France have just scored. Germany (lose) again.
8) When Mark arrives, his wife (still/prepare) dinner.
9) I've asked him several times but he (not/tell) me what happened last night.
10) Martha is so excited! She (go) on holiday to Morocco tomorrow.