Conjunctions and linking words

Fill the gaps using the words given. Use each word only once. ANSWERS
unfortunately | and | because | however | although | so | as | despite | but | if

The Quarrel

About a year ago I had a bad quarrel with my father. Since then we have hardly spoken to each other. I would apologise (1) ... I felt that the quarrel was my fault. But I don't think it was. It all began (2) ... he criticised the man I was going out with (3) ... I told him he had no right to interfere in my personal life. This made him very angry. A few months after the quarrel, I discovered my boyfriend was having an affair with another woman (4) ... we broke up. But I still haven't told my father what happened (5) ... I phoned him recently to wish him a happy birthday. He sounded very cool and I didn't feel like continuing the conversation. (6) ... , I need a new car, (7) ... my old one has broken down and can't be repaired. But I am rather short of money. I know my father would lend me if I asked him, (8) ... I don't want him to think this is the only reason I have contacted him again. (9) ... , if he finds out that I have borrowed the money from a bank before asking him, he will probably never forgive me. Life must go on, (10) ... the events I have lived through.