Future Simple vs Going to 1

Match the sentences with their functions. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • Mr and Mrs Jones will probably arrive in half an hour.
  • 'Oh, we don't have coffee.' 'Don't worry, I'll buy some.'
  • Slow down! You're going to have an accident!
  • Shall I open the window? It's hot in here.
  • They're all going to meet in front of the hotel at 9 PM.
  • Will you attend my daughter's wedding?
  • Tomorrow, the sun will rise at 7:30 and will set at 4 PM.
  • predictions based on present evidence or signs
  • expressing future plans and arrangements
  • future facts
  • predictions based on personal opinion or judgement
  • making suggestions and offers
  • making invitations
  • decisions at the moment of speaking