Gerund or infinitive with a change in meaning 1

Put the verbs in brackets using either an -ing or a to-infinitive form. ANSWERS
1) She stopped a cup of tea. (drink)
2) I stopped alcohol fifteen years ago. (drink)
3) My daughter stopped the piano when she was 20. (play)
4) John stopped us a lift to the station. (give)
5) She remembers the conference the day before yesterday. (mention)
6) Remember your grandfather on Saturday. It's his birthday. (visit)
7) Did you remember the car when you left. (lock)
8) Jim doesn't remember ever this gallery. (visit)
9) Gina now regrets to the party last week. (go)
10) I regret you that your son has failed the exam. (inform)
11) I regret up the self-defence course. (give)
12) We regret you that your application for the job was unsuccessful. (tell)