Gerund or infinitive with a change in meaning 2

Put the verbs in brackets using either an -ing or a to-infinitive form. ANSWERS
1) She tried some painkillers but the pain was unbearable. (take)
2) Martin tried the wardrobe but it was too heavy. (move)
3) They had tried her of the conditions they might expect. (warn)
4) I tried snails, but I didn't like it. (eat)
5) Anne Smith worked at the office for two years, then went on a secretary. (become)
6) He went on after most of the audience had left. (talk)
7) She went on till she was 72. (work)
8) After I finished watching the film, I went on computer games. (play)
9) She'll need your decision by next month. (know)
10) The kitchen needs . (clean)
11) You need hard if you want to be successful. (work)
12) The engine needed . (check)