Gerund or infinitive 6

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1) Patrick is too incompetent to give | giving you any information.
2) The high wall prevented us from seeing | see the garden.
3) He spends too much time to play | playing computer games.
4) Hannah was unable to find | finding out what had happened.
5) It's no use complaining | to complain - you just have to take the test later.
6) What do you think of his marry | marrying that girl?
7) Their decision closing | to close the company was a difficult one to make.
8) The weather isn't warm enough to go | going for a walk.
9) Her refusal to discuss | discussing the matter is very annoying.
10) How about join | joining us for a game of bridge?
11) I am pleased to inform | informing you that the book you ordered has arrived.
12) Jane wasted no time to find | finding herself another boyfriend.