Grammar - Modal Verbs 1

Match the sentences with their functions. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • You had better slow down. You are driving too fast!
  • Susan always needs to do the shopping on Fridays.
  • George can speak French fluently.
  • Passengers may take one cabin bag on board the plane.
  • Mary shouldn't be sitting here just doing nothing!
  • In Ireland you have to renew your TV licence every year.
  • Shall we throw a party sometime next weekend?
  • You mustn't drive in this country unless you are over eighteen.
  • Would you like me to do the shopping for you?
  • Could I use your laptop, please?
  • ability
  • prohibition
  • criticism
  • offer
  • permission
  • obligation
  • advice
  • request
  • necessity
  • suggestion