Grammar - Modal Verbs 3 (Be able to, can, could)

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1) She has been able to | can swim since she was seven. RULE#2
2) The burglar was able to | could enter the home through this small bathroom window. RULE#1
3) Are you able to | Can you speak French fluently? RULE#3
4) What a delicious meal! I can | am able to taste all those herbs form your garden. RULE#4
5) My uncle loved music. He could | was able to play the guitar very well. RULE#3
6) He would like to be able to | can spend a few years in Spain. RULE#2
7) When Daniel was a child he could | was able to play football better than his brother. RULE#5
8) My father's car broke down last week, but the mechanic could | was able to repair it. RULE#1
9) Where's my Jacket? I'm not sure. It could | can be over there. RULE#5
10) When he finishes his medical degree he can | will be able to work as a doctor. RULE#2