Grammar - Modal Verbs 6

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. Sometimes two answers are possible. EXPLANATION
1) I would | used to be able to play the guitar very well.
2) Ann used to | would be very shy. Whenever her parents had guests at home, she would hide in her room.
3) My brother didn't know that I used to | would borrow his bike when he was at school.
4) Jim visited | used to visit Holland five times during the 1990's.
5) We used to | would have a big house twenty years ago.
6) Hannah used to | would live in Dublin.
7) He used to | would visit his sister every other Saturday.
8) I didn't use to | wouldn't like her but then I changed my mind.
9) Tom would | used to love playing football before he hurt his knee.
10) In 2014 we moved | would move from Manchester to Brighton.