Grammar - Modal Verbs 7

Complete the following sentences with didn't need to or needn't have + verbs in bold in the correct form. ANSWERS
1) You the ironing as I was going to do that tomorrow. DO
2) You any more milk. I bought some today. BUY
3) We were travelling in a camper van so we a tent. TAKE
4) Jane didn't sign the document, but that was OK because she it. SIGN
5) Edgar the taxi because his sister offered to give him a lift. GET
6) He the wall because the view was the same as from the ground. CLIMB
7) I finished work earlier so you for me. WAIT
8) It was her day off the day before yesterday, that's why she up so early. WAKE
9) I to go into the gallery. It was free. PAY
10) The weather was fine. I an umbrella. TAKE