Past Perfect vs Past Perfect Continuous 1

Match the sentences with their functions. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • I had studied English before I moved to Dublin.
  • He was bored because he had been typing for 2 hours.
  • By the time he was fifteen, Joe had learnt to cook.
  • I'd been driving for 10 hours before I took a break.
  • The girl wished she had asked another question.
  • John had been trying to telephone his wife all day.
  • He asked if I had studied/been studying for the exam.
  • action happened before a specific time in the past
  • repeated actions that happened in the past
  • regret or dissatisfaction with the past
  • action happened before something else in the past
  • emphasis on the duration of an action in the past
  • reported speech
  • the cause and effect of something from the past