Past Perfect vs Past Perfect Continuous 2

Complete the following sentences with the past perfect or past perfect continuous forms of the verbs in bold. ANSWERS
1) We (eat) all the ice cream by the time Susan got to the party.
2) Matthew needed a holiday because he (work) hard for several months.
3) I could tell my daughter (cry) because her eyes were red.
4) He (get) up at four o'clock all week, so on Saturday he was completely exhausted.
5) The Alvarezes (never/be) to the theatre before last Friday.
6) (Amanda/ever/study) Japanese before she moved to Japan?
7) If he (know) about the consequences, he wouldn't have done that.
8) The car (belong) to Mark for years before Sara bought it.
9) The police officer asked whether everybody (leave) the building.
10) I wish I (go) fishing that day. Everybody else did.