Grammar - Present Simple vs Present Continuous 1

Match the sentences with their functions. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • Alan works in the post office.
  • Water boils at 100°C.
  • I visit my grandmother twice a month.
  • You go down this street to the cinema, then you turn right.
  • If you give her flowers, she will kiss you.
  • The last train to Manchester leaves at 21.40.
  • All of a sudden the door opens and a stranger walks in.
  • First I have breakfast, then I watch television.
  • Singapore Prime Minister visits Sri Lanka.
  • Malkovich passes the ball to Lewandowski who kicks it and ... misses.
  • repeated actions
  • narrative
  • conditionals
  • headlines
  • permanent situation
  • sequence of actions
  • instructions
  • commentaries
  • laws of nature
  • fixed future events