Reported Speech 4

Turn the following sentences into reported speech using (not) to + infinitive or gerund. ANSWERS + EXPLANATION
1) "Don't touch the wire!" - he exclaimed.
He warned me the wire.
2) "Let's go to the theatre tonight, shall we?"
Tina suggested tonight.
3) "If I were you, Peter, I'd go to Paris by train.", said Susan.
Susan advised by train.
4) "Change your pyjamas and wash your face immediately." - she said.
She ordered her son his face immediately.
5) "David, please, don't drink so much."
She asked so much.
6) "Why don't you take an aspirin and go to bed?"
He advised to bed.
7) "Would you like a cup of coffee?" - he said.
He offered coffee.
8) "Please don't hit the cat again." - she begged her husband.
She begged again.
9) "How about listening to some good classical music?"
Mary suggested good classical music.
10) "You can use my laptop." - she said.
She allowed laptop.