Reported Speech 5

Turn the following sentences into reported questions. ANSWERS + EXPLANATION
1) "Where do you come from, Alice?", asked Adam.
Adam asked .
2) "Have you ever met Paul?"
She wanted to know .
3) "Can I borrow your bike, David?", asked Frank.
Frank asked .
4) "How much did the cinema tickets cost?", Helen wondered.
Helen wondered .
5) "Will you be able to help us with the shopping tomorrow?"
She asked him with the shopping the following day.
6) "What is the weather like today?"
He inquired .
7) "Why were you absent last week, Betty?", asked the teacher.
The teacher asked the week before.
8) "Are you going to work tomorrow?", she asked.
She asked me the next day.
9) "Is Ann American or does she come from Europe?"
Mary wanted to know .
10) "Who did you invite to your stag party?", my brother asked.
My brother asked me .