Unreal Past - Wish (If only)

Click the most suitable word or phrase in each sentence. ANSWERS
1) I wish I would | could see my girlfriend during my stay in Rome. RULE#4/5
2) She wishes she had | had had a holiday now. RULE#1
3) If only George hadn't sold | didn't sell all these old CD's last year. RULE#3
4) I wish it had stopped | would stop raining tomorrow. RULE#5
5) If only I learnt | had learnt English when I was younger. RULE#3
6) I wish she wasn't leaving | didn't leave right now. RULE#2
7) If only I was told | had been told about the meeting yesterday. RULE#3
8) I wish you could | would be quiet. RULE#5
9) She wishes she was | would be more beautiful. RULE#1/5
10) I wish I was swimming | swam in the sea now. RULE#2
11) I wish Graham could see | had seen the children now. RULE#4
12) I wish I was | would be famous now. RULE#1