Match the similes on the left with the words on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable.
List of As ... As Similes 1
  • as drunk as
  • as strong as
  • as poor as
  • as hungry as
  • as gentle as
  • as pretty as
  • as ugly as
  • as safe as
  • as pale as
  • as cheap as
  • dirt
  • a wolf
  • a lamb
  • sin
  • death
  • a lord
  • a picture
  • an ox
  • houses
  • a church mouse

Well done!

FCE As ... As Similes 1

1) as drunk as a lord to be very drunk
2) as strong as an ox to be very strong
3) as poor as a church mouse to be extremely poor
4) as hungry as a wolf to be very hungry
5) as gentle as a lamb to be very calm and kind
6) as pretty as a picture to be very attractive
7) as ugly as sin to be very ugly
8) as safe as houses to be very safe
9) as pale as death to be very pale
10) as cheap as dirt to be very cheap