Match the similes on the left with the words on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable.
List of As ... As Similes 2
  • as alike as
  • as free as
  • as stubborn as
  • as wise as
  • as old as
  • as light as
  • as regular as
  • as hard as
  • as fit as
  • as clear as
  • a mule
  • clockwork
  • crystal
  • a feather
  • an owl
  • rock
  • two peas in a pod
  • a fiddle
  • the hills
  • a bird

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FCE As ... As Similes 2

1) as alike as two peas in a pod to be identical
2) as free as a bird to be free to go anywhere
3) as stubborn as a mule to be very obstinate
4) as wise as an owl to be very wise
5) as old as the hills to be very old
6) as light a s a feather to be very light in weight
7) as regular as clockwork to be very regular, completely predictable
8) as hard as rock to be very hard
9) as fit as a fiddle to be in very good health
10) as clear as crystal to be very easy to see or understand