Match the similes on the left with the words on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable.
List of Like ... Similes 1
  • drink like
  • eat like
  • behave like
  • sleep like
  • work like
  • fit like
  • swear like
  • smoke like
  • get on like
  • run like
  • a bull in a china shop
  • a dream
  • a glove
  • a lord
  • a bird
  • a house on fire
  • the wind
  • a fish
  • a chimney
  • a log

Well done!

FCE Like ... Similes 1

1) drink like a fish to drink a lot
2) eat like a bird to eat very little
3) behave like a bull in a china shop to drop or break things because you move awkwardly or roughly
4) sleep like a log to sleep well and soundly
5) work like a dream to work or go extremely well, without any problems
6) fit like a glove to fit very well
7) swear like a lord to swear heavily
8) smoke like a chimney to smoke heavily, all the time
9) get on like a house on fire to get along very well
10) run like the wind to run very quickly