Match the phrasal verbs on the left with its meaning on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable.
List of Phrasal Verbs (Opposite Meaning)
  • slow down (vehicle)
  • turn up (radio, tv etc.)
  • check out (hotel)
  • dress up (clothes)
  • get on (bus, train)
  • put on (clothes)
  • go away (leave)
  • bring round (make sb conscious)
  • take up (shorten)
  • put down (on the ground)
  • dress down
  • take off
  • come back
  • turn down
  • let down
  • knock out
  • check in
  • pick up
  • speed up
  • get off

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FCE Phrasal Verbs - (Opposite Meaning)

1) slow down (vehicle) - to become slower speed up - to increase speed
2) turn up (radio, TV) - to increase the sound turn down - to reduce the noise
3) check out (hotel) - to leave a hotel check in - to arrive at a hotel
4) dress up (clothes) - to wear formal clothes dress down - to wear informal clothes
5) get on - to climb onto a bus, train, etc. get off - to step out of a vehicle
6) put on (clothes) - to dress yourself take off - to remove clothes
7) go away to leave home come back - to return home
8) bring round - to make sb conscious knock out - to make sb unconscious
9) take up - to make shorter (skirt etc.) let down - to make longer (skirt etc.)
10) put down - to place on the ground pick up - to lift sth from the ground