Match the phrasal verbs on the left with its meaning on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable.
Phrasal Verbs (Synonyms)
  • doze off (fall alseep)
  • put aside (money)
  • come round (consciousness)
  • shut down
  • set off (start a journey)
  • pass away (die)
  • turn up (appear)
  • phone up
  • take down (write)
  • come across (meet, discover)
  • set out
  • pass on
  • ring up
  • come to
  • show up
  • get down
  • drop off
  • stumble across
  • put by
  • close down

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FCE Phrasal Verbs - (Synonyms)

1) doze off => drop off to fall asleep without meaning to
2) put aside => put by to save for the future
3) come round => come to to become conscious again
4) shut down => close down to close permanently
5) set off => set out to start a journey
6) pass away => pass on to die
7) turn up => show up to appear; to arrive
8) phone up => ring up to give somebody a call
9) take down => get down to make a note of something
10) come across => stumble across to meet or find something by chance