Match the phrasal verbs on the left with its collocations on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable.
List of Phrasal Verbs (Collocations)
  • take after
  • give off
  • break into
  • put off
  • set up
  • get away with
  • hold out
  • work out
  • put in for
  • put on
  • a meeting
  • a crime
  • a house
  • hope
  • a lot of weight
  • one's mother
  • a job
  • the answer
  • a smell
  • a business

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FCE Phrasal Verbs (Collocations)

1) take after one's mother to be or look like one's mother
2) give off a smell to produce a smell
3) break into a house to force a way into a house
4) put off a meeting to postpone a meeting
5) set up a business to establish a business
6) get away with a crime to commit a crime without being punish
7) hold out hope to think that something is likely to happen or succeed
8) work out the answer to calculate the answer
9) put in for a job to apply for a job
10) put on a lot of weight to become fatter