Complete the conversations with the following remarks. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable.
List of Idioms (Colloquial Expressions) 2
  • 'I've failed my exam.' 'I'm sorry to hear that Peter'
  • 'Do you promise not to be late?'
  • You know what I think,
  • 'I don't really want to go to the cinema tonight.'
  • The shop will have closed
  • Yesterday I was at the local pub
  • Phil says he can levitate.
  • 'This coin is more than 800 years old.'
  • I am completely indifferent.
  • 'Happy Christmas!'
  • if you don't step on it.
  • 'Cross my heart!'
  • Can you beat that?
  • 'Imagine that!'
  • 'Suit yourself.'
  • 'And the same to you Carol.'
  • 'Better luck next time.'
  • and all the drinks were on the house.
  • I couldn't care less.
  • but it's up to you now.

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FCE Idioms (Colloquial Expressions) 14

1) better luck next time an expression that comforts someone for a minor failure
2) cross my heart something that you say in order to emphasize that something is true
3) it's up to you having to be decided, chose etc. by a particular person
4) suit yourself used in orders to tell sb to do what they want, even though it annoys you
5) step on it used especially in orders to tell somebody to drive faster
6) on the house free, without charge
7) can you beat that? used when people are surprised or angry about something
8) imagine that isn't that remarkable
9) I couldn't care less used to say that someone does not care at all about something
10) the same to you used as a reply to a greeting