KET Three Option Multiple Choice

Questions 1 - 6
For each question, choose the correct answer.
Kate, something unexpected has happened. Can you tell Mr Richardson I'll be late and that I'm sorry? I'll tell you more later. Thanks. Tom
1) Why did Tom write this message? A) to offer Kate some help. B) to say sorry to Kate. C) to ask Kate to do something.

The elephants are fed
daily at 11.00 a.m.
Visitors are welcome to watch.

—— • ——
2) A) Visitors can see how the elephants are fed at 11.00 a.m. B) Visitors can directly feed the elephants at 11.00 a.m. C) Visitors are not allowed to feed the elephants after 11.00 a.m.


3) A) You can dive from here. B) The water is too shallow for swimming. C) The water is not deep enough for diving.
We are driving from Dublin to Belfast on the 12th of May in our new van. If you are going there too, join us and save on travel costs.
Call Liam on 605778924
4)The text was written by a person whoA) wants to borrow a van. B) offers a ride in a van. C) has a van for sale.

Please allow at least one hour for your visit to the Museum.
5) A) Visitors are only allowed to spend one hour inside the museum. B) The guided tour of the museum usually lasts less than sixty minutes. C) One hour is the minimum time recommended for a visit to the museum.
Paulo - I've just booked some tickets for my parents for the school football game and there are only a few left. If you want yours to come you'd better hurry!
6) A) Paulo doesn't need to get any tickets because Tony has enough. B) Paulo should order some tickets as soon as possible. C) If Paulo wants to see the football match he has to book a ticket.