KET Three Option Multiple Matching

Question 1 - 7
For each question, choose the correct answer.
image-1I have always loved drawing, painting, and photography as far as I can remember. My father and brother are also very artistic, so I was heavily influenced by them. Yet as I got older, I started making excuses as to why I shouldn’t become a professional painter. For some reason, I thought an art career just wasn’t for me, so I held it back for the longest time. My studio is in my home, so I like to get out of bed and get straight to work.
image-2I first started photography when my dad bought his new Nikon D850 with a 500 mm lens. Before this, I had always loved the idea of taking pictures to capture a special moment and had been documenting various events in life with my smartphone. But when I first borrowed my dad’s Nikon, I realised how much more creative I could be, so I began my journey into the world of photography. To me, photography is a way to freeze a moment.
image-3I began sculpting from an early age working closely with my father. I wanted to take Fine Arts then, but it was way too expensive for me. I have no means, but still, it didn't prevent me from pursuing it as my favourite occupation. As I grew up on a farm, I admired wildlife, so it was the most natural thing to start sculpting. I believe you naturally create something that you know.
1) Who explains how they got the first camera?
2) Who says that they work at home?
3) Who was brought up in the country?
4) Who says something about professional equipment?
5) Who says visual arts have always been their passion?
6) Who says that they don't have much money?
7) Who says they have been working with clay for a long time?