KET Reading and Writing Part 3

Complete the conversation Steve has with the agent. What does he say to the agent?
For question 1 - 5, choose the correct letter (A - H).
Agent: Hello, Madame Tussauds enquiries. Can I help you?
Steve: 1) ..........
Agent: Yes, we are, from half past nine to half past six.
Steve: 2) ..........
Agent: If you are under 14, it'll be £11.50.
Steve: 3) ..........
Agent: Yes, but if you come before 9 there won't be a queue.
Steve: 4) ..........
Agent: If you take 204 from Brent, you'll see the signs. Anything else?
Steve: 5) ..........
Agent: You're welcome. Goodbye.
A Is there usually a long queue?
B Excuse me - how long does it take?
C How much does it cost?
D How do I get there by bus?
E Give it to me.
F Never mind.
G Are you open tomorrow?
H That's great. Thank you very much.