KET Reading and Writing Part 3

Complete the conversation between Tommy and Mary. What does Mary say to Tommy?
For question 1 - 5, choose the correct letter (A - H).
Tommy: I saw a great adventure film on TV yesterday.
Mary: 1) ..........
Tommy: In a small village in New Zealand.
Mary: 2) ..........
Tommy: Well, there is Sandra, a young girl; Jim and Ann, her sister and cousin; and, of course, Doctor Pepper.
Mary: 3) ..........
Tommy: He is a lovable old man from Australia.
Mary: 4) ..........
Tommy: The hunt for hidden pirate treasure.
Mary: 5) ..........
A What happens then?
B Really, where does the story take place?
C How does Doctor Pepper feel?
D Mm, sounds fascinating. What is the plot of the film?
E What happens in the end?
F I see. Who are the main characters?
G Who is Doctor Pepper?
H I wish I had seen the film.