KET Reading and Writing Part 3

Complete the conversation between two friends. What does Robert say to Sarah?
For question 1 - 5, choose the correct letter (A - H).
Sarah: Hi, Robert. Did you have a good weekend?
Robert: 1) ..........
Sarah: What did you do?
Robert: 2) ..........
Sarah: My goodness! Is he all right?
Robert: 3) ..........
Sarah: Did you go to the match in the evening?
Robert: 4) ..........
Sarah: What about your wife, Helen. Was she at home all alone?
Robert: 5) ..........
A Yes, the problem is I didn't know about it.
B Yes, He's OK. After the doctor I had to go to the chemist's.
C Well, on Sunday afternoon I had to take Pete to the doctor.
D I didn't have time. I took Pete home at half past six.
E Hello Sarah. Yes, but I was really busy.
F She wasn't. She was very busy.
G Only until about seven and then I had to drive her to work.
H She went to the cinema at eight o'clock.