KET Reading and Writing Part 4

Question 1 - 6
For each question, choose the correct answer.

Miss Daisy - the Yorkie

Daisy is a Teacup Yorkie. She has her hair combed twice a day, and she (1) ... to the dog's hairdresser every month. Daisy wears ribbons and a woollen sweater on cold days and gets the best quality fillet steak and a bowl of milk twice a day. If she shows any (2) ... of cold or fever, she is immediately taken to a vet. She always attends all family (3) ... : she sits in her mistress' lap and is fed with a spoon. She is loved, adored and pampered. An average of £300 is spent on her every month.

Some animal lovers go as far as burying their pets in animal cemeteries. They buy them jewellery and treat them as their children, if not (4) ... . At the same time, there are thousands of animals that (5) ... nothing to eat and nowhere to go. Very often, these animals have once also had their own homes and masters, (6) ... they were thrown away.

  1. A) brings B) goes C) takes
  2. A) marks B) actions C) signs
  3. A) celebrations B) exercises C) connections
  4. A) better B) higher C) stronger
  5. A) look B) have C) run
  6. A) if B) so C) but