KET Reading and Writing Part 4

Question 1 - 6
For each question, choose the correct answer.

Have a great holiday!

Millions of Irish people travel to foreign countries on holiday each year. Many people go on (1) ... holidays with travel companies because they can arrange everything for you. The company (2) ... your train, plane or bus tickets and finds you a hotel or a flat. In summer, many people go to places where the weather is (3) ... than in Ireland. They go to the beach and swim or sunbathe.

Skiing holidays are popular in winter. Many people (4) ... to countries like Austria, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Canada, where they usually go skiing and snowboarding. Many people go on more adventurous holidays, like wildlife safaris in Africa. Irish people also (5) ... their holidays in Ireland. They go to the (6) ... to swim and sunbathe or go hiking in the country.

  1. A) pocket B) packet C) package
  2. A) books B) stores C) takes
  3. A) warmer B) longer C) heater
  4. A) voyage B) travel C) journey
  5. A) bring B) go C) spend
  6. A) seashell B) seaside C) seasick