KET Reading and Writing Part 4

Question 1 - 6
For each question, choose the correct answer.

The Old Days

Life was much better in the old days as there were no so-called useful inventions which mainly seem to cause us so many (1) ... . Imagine life without the telephone! How (2) ... it would be! You could have a bath without being interrupted by its demanding tones! We might even start writing letters to each other again! I've almost (3) ... what it's like to get a letter from a friend or relation.

Even more attractive still is the thought of having no television. We might start talking to each other again! I wouldn't be sorry to (4) ... goodbye to modern food preserving methods. Dried, frozen, tinned products certainly save the housewife (5) ... , but for what – to watch more television? Bring back the good old days of fresh food! I can (6) ... without the variety in the modern supermarket. Last but not least how much better it was to travel in the old days.

  1. A) delays B) problems C) mistakes
  2. A) peaceful B) expensive C) proud
  3. A) forgotten B) forgiven C) forbidden
  4. A) speak B) tell C) say
  5. A) time B) moment C) breath
  6. A) do B) make C) take