KET Reading and Writing Part 5

Question 1 - 6
For each question, write the correct answer.
Write one word for each gap. ANSWERS

Dear Sophia,
I'm having a great time here! We are (1) ... a lovely island in the Canary Islands, called La Palma. The villa we are staying at is nice and quiet. It's got a swimming pool, tennis courts and a fitness suite.

The weather is fantastic. (2) ... the moment, I'm sitting outside a stylish restaurant by the sea. Mary swims in the crystal clear water, as usual. She is looking for (3) ... shells to take home. Mom is (4) ... the shopping at the market. She loves the market, but it's a bit noisy for me. Dad is fishing in the harbour because he enjoys fish and seafood. We go to restaurants almost every night for dinner. My favourite (5) ... is by the sea. Mum and dad almost always order seafood, but I never do - it's terrible. I order croquettes - it's (6) ... delicious.

The sunsets are beautiful, and the local people are friendly, too. I like it here so much. I never want to leave! Oh well, that's all for now. See you next month.