KET Reading and Writing Part 7

Complete the email from Alejandro to Otto.
Write ONE word for each space. ANSWERS

Hi Otto!
I'm Alejandro and I come (1) ... Madrid. It's a city (2) ... the east of Spain on the River Manzanares. We've got two world-famous football clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. You probaby know the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. He (3) ... for Real Madrid. My sister's an Atlético fan, (4) ... I support Real.

Barcelona's most famous tourist attraction and the (5) ... visited attraction in Spain. It's full of shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs museums, cinemas and galleries. I hang out there a lot with (6) ... friends. It's always crowded in the summer with tourists. Everyone is really friendly in Barcelona but I suppose I like it best (7) ... it's my hometown and my family and friends (8) ... here.

Please write and tell me (9) ... Berlin.
Best (10) ... ,