KET Reading and Writing Part 8

Read the advertisement and the email.
Fill in the information in Luke's notes. ANSWERS


Football Match
Chelsea vs Arsenal

Saturday 12 April
At 17.00
Wembley Stadium

Tickets at Wembley Football Club
Adults: £22
Children under twelve: £11
Children under five: free of charge

Hi Luke,
It's the semi-final on Saturday. Chelsea are playing against Arsenal and I really want to go and see the match. My brother said he can take me and a friend to watch it. Would you like to come with us? It'll be great! We can get chips and a Pepsi and watch the match and have fun. Can you call me on Thursday afternoon, because we have to buy the tickets? If you want to come, we'll come over to your house to pick you up.
Bye for now,

Luke's Note

Football Match

0) Place:
1) Chelsea are playing against:
2) The match starts at:
3) Ticket for children under five:
4) Call Jimmy on:
5) Jimmy's brother will get me from my: