PET Reading Part 1

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Click the correct box A, B or C.
Once opened,
keep in the coldest part
of refrigerator and
use within five days.
1) A) The product can last five days after opening. B) The product should be stored in a refrigerator immediately. C) The product doesn't have to be kept cool.
We accept cash,
cheques, and all
major credit cards!
—— • ——
2) A) We prefer you to pay with a credit card or in cash. B) You must have a credit card and a cheque as well as cash. C) You may pay with a credit card, cheque or, cash.
To: Maria
From: David
I know you asked me to fix your laptop on Saturday, but I completely forgot about a meeting I have to go to - terribly sorry.
3) Why is David apologising to Maria? A) He cannot do the favour he had promised. B) He hasn't had time to fix her laptop. C) He won't be able to go to the meeting with her.
2 hours maximum
£4 per hour

The value of a parking penalty charge notice is £50

4) A) It costs at least £50 to park here for two hours. B) There are no parking charges after 2.00 pm. C) You have to pay a fine if you park here for three hours.
5) A) You mustn't ask questions to the examiner. B) Please respect others and remain quiet during the examination. C) Do not talk to the teacher.