PET Reading Part 1

Look at the text in each question.
What does it say?
Click the correct box A, B or C.
Child fares are
not available on any of
our routes after 11pm.

Adult fares will be charged at these times.

1) A) You have to pay adult fares at all times. B) Children must use an adult ticket after 11pm. C) Children who look older than 11 years old may be asked to pay adult fare.
To: Alice
From: Pete
I have three tickets for tomorrow's night concert but I won't be able to go. If you want them, come to my house by 4p.m. The concert starts at 7.30.
2) What is Pete doing? A) apologising to Alice for not going to the concert. B) inviting Alice to go to the concert with him. C) offering Alice concert tickets he has got.
The guests are requested not
to disturb the peace of the
neighbours from 23:00 to 8:00.
—— • ——
3)A) Guests should try to be quiet at night. B) Guests creating any noise will be asked to leave. C) Departing guests must check out by 8:00.
Could you pick up some more
potatoes on your way home and
cook it for dinner? The salad is
in the fridge. I've already had mine.
I'll be back soon. George
4) George wants Rosie to A) finish preparing her own dinner. B) pick him up on her way home. C) have dinner ready for George soon.
Returnable within five days
of purchase with receipt,
providing the item is not damaged.
5) A) The item can only be returned if the customer has the receipt. B) You can expect to receive a full refund on faulty returned goods. C) You may return the item at any time, as long as it's undamaged.